The Importance Of Cleanings & Exams In Pediatric Dentistry

When your children start to grow teeth, it is essential that those teeth are well taken care of so that when primary teeth fall out, the adult teeth are healthy. Many issues including tooth decay can transfer from primary teeth to permanent teeth and regularly scheduled cleanings and exams play an important role in keeping your child’s oral health in check. Beginning to develop good habits for taking care of one’s teeth starts early, and the entire team at ABC Dentistry For Children is committed to fostering an environment where brushing teeth and eating healthy in conjunction with screenings, exams, and cleanings are the answer to good oral health. For more information about our cleanings and exams, contact our office today. A member of our team can provide you with more details on how our exams and screenings work, insurance policies, and more. We look forward to providing your family with professional pediatric dentistry services in Gilbert.

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At ABC Dentistry For Children, we know that providing dental services to children is an important part of keeping kids healthy overall. Having healthy teeth and gums is essential to growing up healthy and instilling good habits early is an easy way to help your kids learn good oral hygiene. Our cleanings and exams depend on your child’s age and the type of teeth they have, but as soon as your child starts to grow baby teeth, they can come into our office for a full evaluation. X-Rays are generally taken at various stages of development because they provide important insight into how the teeth are growing, both as primary teeth and adult teeth. With x-rays, we can see if adult teeth are coming in evenly as primary teeth begin to fall out. Orthodontics get involved if we see that teeth are not growing in straight. It is important to take x-rays as part of regular scheduled checkups during the time when primary teeth are beginning to be replaced by adult teeth.

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When you schedule an exam or cleaning, you know you are getting the best pediatric dentistry services in all of Gilbert. All of our appointments begin with a thorough screening process to determine what type of visit it will be. If x-rays haven’t been taken recently, we will perform them during the appointment. A thorough cleaning and fluoride treatment are a part of any routine dental check up appointment, and we will do a careful inspection of your child’s teeth and gums to ensure everything looks healthy. If cavities, tooth decay, or other issues present themselves, we discuss all of the options with the patient’s parents or guardians. Every appointment also consists of teaching good oral hygiene habits to all our patients and giving parents and guardians additional resources and materials to instill good habits at home. Having clean and healthy teeth early in life is key to sustaining that health throughout a person’s life. Our professional and affordable pediatric dentistry services provide top quality, comprehensive care for your child’s teeth and gums.

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