Safe, Effective Sedation For Pediatric Dentistry

Sedation is a part of effective dentistry for certain procedures because of cooperation, age and potential for discomfort and pain. Sedation takes many forms depending on the procedure, and the team at ABC Dentistry For Children has the experience and technique to ensure that any sedation occurring during a procedure is done safely and effectively. We take great pride in providing a variety of dental services that require sedation and we work diligently to ensure that our patients and their families feel comfortable. From nitrous oxide to general anesthesia, our dentists and technicians have tremendous awareness and experience with sedation techniques.

When Sedation Is Used

There are many instances in which dental sedation can be used, and most cases revolve around procedures that are particularly long or if multiple procedures need to take place simultaneously. Lighter forms of sedation can also be used if your child is very anxious about dental work. Additionally, the use of dental sedation can be an adequate help if your child has a high gag reflex, as this phenomenon can make pediatric dental work more difficult. Sedation doesn’t replace other medications used to suppress pain but can be an effective mechanism for making a procedure safer and easier to complete. Because there are multiple types of sedation, it is possible they can be combined, depending on the scenario.

Types Of Dental Sedation For Pediatric Dentistry

There are several different forms of sedation that can be used during certain dental procedures. It is important to know how they are used and what each of them entails for your child. At ABC Dentistry For Children we take great pride in educating our patients and their families.

-Nitrous Oxide is one of the most popular forms of sedation because it is very easy to prepare for and use. Known as laughing gas, it is used primarily to help with dental anxiety and has a calming, happy effect that does not linger beyond the needed time. Normally, children can eat or drink before these appointments, although nausea can occur so a light meal before is better.

-Oral Conscious Sedation is regularly used in conjunction with nitrous oxide for sedation. It is used for child who need tooth decay treatment and are oncooperative to other forms of behavioral management. This form of sedation is administered as a liquid the child drinks. For this appointment, the child can’t eat or drink anything after midnight before the procedure.

-General Anesthesia is the most comprehensive form of sedation. It is used for the very young or patients that have more work than can be completed with an oral conscious sedation. General anesthesia requires additional specialists, such as a dental anesthesiologist as well. ABC Dentistry For Children has the necessary experience to perform any number of sedation techniques to ensure all procedures are done safely.

Sedation Safety

While there are some risks always associated with sedation, it has been used for years as effective tool and generally the benefits strongly outweigh the risks. Some procedures that need to be completed aren’t possible without sedation because of anxiety and other behavioral conditions. At ABC Dentistry For Children, we always ensure that parents and guardians are well informed about the risk and benefits of sedation for your child’s dentist visit. We take every precaution to ensure the entire family understands what is happening.

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