Tooth-Colored Fillings Done Right For Your Child

Tooth decay is one of the most common occurrences for children, and the team at ABC Dentistry For Children in Gilbert is committed to helping your children fight it. There are many different ways that tooth decay can be treated and one of the more common ways is the use of a filling. Tooth decay and cavities are important issues that must be solved early on before they lead to more serious complications. If your child is showing signs of tooth decay or cavities, it is best to bring them in for a screening and consultation. If you would like more information on our tooth colored filling services for pediatric dentistry, give our office a call. A member of our team can provide you with a wealth of information so that your child can get treatment today.

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It is important to treat tooth decay early before more extensive procedures are required. If your child has tooth decay, the first step of the dentist is to remove the decay, which in some cases means removing portions of the outer toot. Depending on the severity of the decay, different methods are utilized to properly remove the decay from the tooth. Removing decay from the tooth helps to restore the tooth to full health in addition to the installation of a filling or crown. When decay is removed, actual portions of the tooth are not there anymore and must be filled in. The team in Gilbert at ABC Dentistry For Children has extensive experience with making tooth colored fillings so that everything looks as natural as possible. For front teeth, it is now common that the fillings are tooth colored meaning that it’s hard to tell the difference between a natural tooth and a crown or filling. We know that having a natural smile is essential for kids and it is always our aim to ensure we provide the best tooth colored fillings possible to all of our patients.

Pediatric Dentistry Experts

At ABC Dentistry For Children, we know that dental hygiene can be a hard lesson for children, and we take immense pride in trying to educate our patients and their families so that good habits start from a young age. Tooth decay and cavities can be avoided with better oral health, a better diet, and regular checkups at the dentist. Tooth decay that is not taken care of can lead to more serious problems down the road. Our tooth colored fillings help to solve many tooth decay problems in our young patients because ABC Dentistry For Children has years of quality experience with top level pediatric dentistry. We aim to be helpful to our patients and their families in getting proper pediatric dental care in Gilbert.

For top quality tooth colored fillings in Gilbert, contact the pediatric dentist experts at ABC Dentistry For Children in Gilbert – 480-558-1400, Mesa – 480-558-9713 or Queen Creek – 480-655-5333.

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