Professional Sealants For Children

Dentistry for children can be difficult because getting younger kids to understand the importance of taking care of their teeth is not easy. Kids love to eat sweets and aren’t always responsible enough to limit their sweets or to brush their teeth and floss without direct supervision.

Another method of helping kids remain in good oral health is the use of sealants. For children, sealants can be an effective tool in helping to not only protect teeth, but to prevent future problems. Sealants have been shown to reduce cavities on teeth up to 80%! The expert team at ABC Dentistry For Children in Gilbert,  Mesa and Queen Creek has the resources and expertise to provide the highest level of dental sealants for all of our patients. Give our office a call today for more information on dental sealants and a member of our team will be happy to provide more information.

Sealant Information For Pediatric Dentistry

Sealants are bonded to the teeth so that the deep groves in a tooth is encased in a very thin layer of material that helps to seal the teeth and prevent future dental trouble. They are bonded to the teeth so that the deep groves in a tooth is encased in a very thin layer of material that helps to seal the teeth and prevent future dental trouble. Sealants can be used for teeth all over the mouth, and they can be great for pediatric dentistry because they are painless and simple to use. The team at ABC Dentistry has tremendous experience working with our younger patients to ensure that the sealant process is safe, reliable, and effective. Regular checkups and fluoride treatments are the best way to ensure sealants are taken care of and protected. Helping our young patients develop good dental habits is a cornerstone of ensuring that sealants do their job.

Sealant Application

Sealants are applied by first drying the teeth to ensure there’s no excess moisture. Each tooth is individually sealed, and a bonding agent is used to ensure that the teeth and sealant work effectively in creating the protective barrier. When they are properly installed, sealants help to prevent cavities that can form in the grooves of each tooth. What is useful about sealants is that when they are used as part of a broader oral hygiene regimen, they can help prevent more expensive dental work in the future. Because sealants can be applied to both baby teeth and permanent teeth, the process can start even if your child is very young. If you are unsure of your child’s dental status and think that sealants may be the answer, contact us today. A member of our professional pediatric dental team can provide all of the information about dental sealants to ensure you are getting the best possible service.

Pediatric Dentistry Experts

At ABC Dentistry for Children, we know that any kind of dental work for your children can be a hassle. Expensive procedures and unwilling patients can make the process difficult. We know that providing high quality, affordable, and reliable pediatric dentistry is important to the community in Gilbert, Mesa and Queen Creek. For years, we’ve helped families in the area with a variety of services and dental sealants are one of our more popular procedures. They are easy to apply and can help protect teeth for years. Give ABC Dentistry For Children a call today! We look forward to serving you and your family.

For the best dental sealants, contact the pediatric dentistry experts at ABC Dentistry For Children in Gilbert – 480-558-1400, Mesa – 480-558-9713 or Queen Creek – 480-655-5333.

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