Top Quality Fluoride Treatments For Pediatric Dentistry

In addition to dental sealants, the advent of fluoride treatments as a regular part of any dental work has become a cornerstone of pediatric dentistry. At ABC Dentistry For Children, our team of dentists provides top level fluoride treatments for our patients. Regular fluoride treatments have been proven to help decrease cavities. With sealants, fluoride treatments provide a barrier that provides superior protection to teeth which is essential to maintaining good oral hygiene. Beginning fluoride treatments early with our patients has been proven to help later in life. For more information on our comprehensive fluoride treatment options for our young patients, contact us today.

Fluoride Treatments That Work

Fluoride treatments are part of a protective layer that helps keep strong acids, sugar, and plaque bacteria from infecting teeth and causing problems. When these treatments start early in a child’s life, they have been shown to be incredibly effective. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in water, and water sources with natural fluoride help prevent tooth decay. Concentrated fluoride treatments help provide additional protection against the acids that can cause decay, cavities and more. The outer layer of teeth, called enamel, can be susceptible to breakdown and fluoride helps to prevent this. Without this protection, acids can help weaken the teeth to the point of a cavity. Topical fluoride treatments during regular scheduled dental appointments provide a reliable layer of support and protection. Different types of treatment can be used depending on your child’s situation, so it is best to come into our office for a full evaluation.

Good Dental Hygiene Starts With Fluoride Treatments

Starting around 6 months of age, fluoride treatments have been shown to be an effective protection against tooth decay and cavities. The best part about fluoride treatment is that a small amount goes a long way. Most toothpaste for children includes fluoride, and our dental professionals can help you determine the correct amount of toothpaste to use in addition to our specialized fluoride treatments for your child. It is important to remember that fluoride treatments alone do not protect your child’s teeth – rather it is comprehensive dental hygiene and teaching kids from an early age that it is important to take care of their teeth and gums.

Professional Dentist In Gilbert

At ABC Dentistry For Children, we aim to provide a comfortable and professional environment where your children can get the highest quality fluoride treatments and other dental services. We aim to not only provide dental service but also help educate families and children in good oral hygiene as this is the best prevention against future problems. Starting young is essential to developing good habits for brushing and taking care of one’s teeth. For more information on fluoride treatments, contact ABC Dentistry For Children in Gilbert today.

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